ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved is a particularly popular games among the Founders of the Bureau of Gaming. With over 4,000 combined hours of time played, it’s safe to say that it’s a very enjoyable game for us. But what is ARK: Survival Evolved?

Commonly referred to just “ARK”, the game is an “open world” survival game in a single player mode or dedicated, private servers. There are multiple official maps, as well as tons of user-created maps available in the workshop. ARK starts you out as a naked man or woman and pits you against dinosaurs and other pre-historic creatures. Don’t be fooled by the people who call the dinosaurs and creatures “unrealistic”. ARK is very much set in a Sci-Fi world and according to the lore a lot of the dinosaurs and creatures are genetically modified.

Interested in playing? Now that ARK is out of Early Access it’s a fully priced game. But if you wait for Steam sales it almost always goes on sale for up to 60% off.

Places to Buy

BOG Private Servers

One of our BOG Founders rents a few ARK: Survival Evolved servers which are clustered together. Currently, there is a Ragnarok Server, Extinction Server, and Aberration Server. These servers are open to BOG members as well as non-members.

Please be sure to check out the rules for the servers (the rules apply to all servers) as well as the current mod list that we are using. In the future, BOG may also have a store which will include things that players can purchase for the ARK servers. All of these proceeds go towards server costs and never to our personal bank accounts.

ARK Server Info

ARK Server Rules

ARK Mod List